What is faux rabbit fur fabric and how to choose the right faux fur manufacturers?

Today, many manufactures distance themselves from real rabbit fur. Let me tell you something about the faux rabbit fur fabric.

What is Faux Rabbit Fur Fabric?

Faux rabbit fur is made from synthetic fibers. The production process is divided into three stages. Firstly, the raw materials are dyed to get a fixed color of faux fur fabric. Then, in the second stage, it will be cut and stitched together by machines. In the last stage, silk screen printing is used to make patterns or logos onto the clothes.

Faux rabbit fur

Faux Rabbit Fur Fabric VS Real Rabbit Fur Fabric

For some people who do not recognize faux rabbit fur, it may be a bit difficult to tell the difference from the real one. In that case, some tips will help you out. Faux rabbit fur has some distinctive features as below:

  • The first thing is that if it touches your skin, you can feel its softness, unlike real hair which feels rough.

  • In the case of the real rabbit fur, it might shed a little bit when you wear it for a long time. On the other hand, faux rabbit fur can be cleaned using a washing machine and they do not have hair falling off.

  • When wearing the fur, pay attention to how it smells. Real rabbit fur may have a slight scent. Usually, new real rabbit fur dresses have an odor of glue or plastic materials used in stitching this faux animal fur together. As time goes by, the smell will gradually disappear with proper maintenance. them from the shop. However, a faux rabbit fur product that has just been finished should not have any odor at all.

  • Finally, look closely to find the seams. The stitches should be symmetrical and regular for faux rabbit fur products. When you touch it, you can feel a little prick on your fingers which does not happen when touching real fur.

Faux Rabbit Fur 2

Fabric and Apparel Manufacturers for Startups

Do you want to start a clothing business? The first step that you need is finding one of the best apparel manufacturers or wholesale suppliers. A great number of companies are now in this industry, which means competition will be tough! Many of them boost their popularity through well-known figures like artists and celebrities.

Starting a clothing business is not easy. You have to create designs that are unique and different from the others, but it doesn't just need creativity; you also need support from your partners in order for any ideas of yours to be turned into products - otherwise, they're useless! The most common cause of failure when starting out on this journey is choosing the wrong fabric manufacturers.

Fabric and Apparel Manufacturers

To find the best apparel manufacturers,  you must know what makes them stand out.

1、Production ability

The ability to produce is one of the most crucial factors in manufacturing. Not all clothing manufacturers can create every type or design. The last thing you want is for your clothing manufacturer to say no when they can't make the clothes that will flatter and fulfill all of your needs. So before you choose your partner, you should make sure whether it can match the type or style of clothing you want.

EASETEX’s Warehouse 1  EASETEX’s Warehouse 2

EASETEX’s Warehouse

EASETEX Packed Stock

EASETEX Packed Stock

2、Manufacturing location

Whether you will work with domestic suppliers or foreign fabric manufacturers is a factor you should take into consideration. If you choose a domestic fabric manufacturer, you don't have to pay expensive shipping fees and the language and you will not be troubled by languages and distance. Some companies are looking at working with foreign suppliers since they can be more affordable than domestic ones in most cases while some are for foreign and unique styles.  If you are looking for a large clothing manufacturer, then you should consider fabric factories from Europe, the United States, China, India and Vietnam, as many businesses find their suppliers in these countries.

Head office

Head office

Fabric factory

Fabric factory

3、Minimum order quantity (MOQ)

Almost all garments factories have a MOQ which means the minimum number of items in one order. And very rarely, an individual manufacturing company may only produce items with no minimum order limit for their line of products-this is because this type of company can specialize in producing one single style or design without having the infrastructure needed to create multiple different styles at once. It's important to check their MMQ to match your budget.


Orders from EASETEX’s customers

4、Product samples

Before you order large quantities at once (which could mean thousands!), make sure that your samples match up with what's been ordered from start to end - this includes material, color, style, pattern, etc. If any discrepancy arises during inspection then there would surely be huge losses if we don't catch them early enough.

Product samples 1

Product samples 2

Product samples 3

Wholesale Faux Fur Fabric Suppliers

Easetex Industries Co. Ltd, one of the leading fabric producers in China, specializes in the manufacture of faux-fur and woven fabrics along with garment production. Easetex has a collection of the rarest and most unique faux fur products to choose from and with years of experience in the clothing industry, Easetex has the ability to turn your ideas into real products. Just contact Easetex, the clothing business process will be easier for you!

EASETEX’s Partners

EASETEX’s Partners

EASETEX’s Warehouse

EASETEX’s Warehouse

EASETEX’s Overseas-Exhibition

EASETEX’s Overseas Exhibition


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