How to Choose Faux Fur Fabrics for Mass Market Buyers

Faux fur fabrics are no stranger to consumers, but they are still not widely used in the mass market, since the traditional faux fur products are a bit expensive and lack style variations.

As animal protection becomes the mainstream consensus in contemporary society, and as the concept of sustainability becomes increasingly popular, some brands have already made productive efforts in the high-end fashion market, such as: STELLA MCCARTNEY, JAKKE, SHRIMPS, HOUSE OF FLUFF and so on.

faux fur fabric coat

For the mass market, how to find faux fur products that can both meet the needs of consumers and be more competitive in the market? If you are stuck on which faux fur supplier to choose, EASETEX is the ideal choice you are looking for.

As a leading supplier of faux fur products in China, EASETEX was established in 2003 and has a vertical supply chain from fabric to garment production. Since 2011, EASETEX has pioneered the development of several new polyester faux fur products, which have helped a number of clients to achieve highly satisfactory market results.

Choose the right raw material

The first step is to choose the right raw material. Polyester has a significant price advantage over traditional Acrylic or modacrylic.

In addition, polyester faux fur products have a unique product style that is irreplaceable by other raw materials. For example, it can be lighter and thinner, with a special look and hand feeling as well as richer colors. It is well in line with the youthful positioning of the product.

Because of the application of polyester products based on the concept of environmental protection, faux fur products are more sustainable.

Traditional Acrylic or modacrylic products have not progressed in the development of sustainable products, while polyester fabrics, on the one hand, can be recycled, and on the other hand, there are bio-based products in line with the concept of green production, and it is a new material that can be partially or even fully degradable.

Quality control of faux fur fabric manufacturers

To guarantee the quality of the faux fur, the manufacturer monitors the product at every stage of production. The process starts with the inspection of the raw material and continues through to the finished fibers produced in the polymerization reaction.

The fibers are put through a series of physical and chemical tests to prove that they meet the specifications previously established. Some of the properties tested include pH, appearance, density and melting point. Others such as fiber elasticity, resilience and absorbency may also be tested.

During garment production, inspectors on the production line take random samples at regular intervals and inspect them to make sure they meet established requirements for appearance, stitch quality, fiber strength, size and shape. Visual inspection is the main test method, but more rigorous tests can also be performed.


In summary, bear all of these tips in mind when purchasing faux fur fabrics or apparel from a faux fur fabric manufacturer. You will be doing yourself a great favor if you keep these essentials in mind while buying apparel. Not only that, you can end up saving more money than you expected. In addition, faux fur fabrics are also very durable for use.

Faux fur fabric manufacturers like EASETEX also offer wholesale faux fur fabric services online, and its minimum order quantity is 500m. If you want to start a wholesale faux fur fabric business, just contact EASETEX about their fur fabric collection.


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