What Is Faux Shearling?

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The traditional leather and fur fabric is the raw skin of animals with hair and skin, which is made of ripe skin after dozens of processes. Typical leather and fur fabrics are sheepskin, rabbit fur and fox fur, mostly  sheepskin. 

And it is usually used in coats, boots, rugs and other products.With the popularity of awareness of animal protection and environmental protection, ethical fashion, vegan fashion, and fur-free has become the new consumer trend. More and more consumers tend to choose animal-free and cruelty-free products.

As a result, faux shearling fabric becomes highly popular. Well, what is faux shearling fabric?

Faux shearling fabrics are usually bonded by two layers of fabric, faux fur on one side and faux suede or faux leather on the other. The double-sided fabric can be designed as a garment to be worn on both sides.

Shearling garments are typically expensive and disturbing to those who have a sense of animal protection. Faux shearling fabrics mimic what sheepskin looks and feels like, yet use other materials than lambskin.

Choosing knitted merino wool faux fur fabric can enhance the level of faux shearling fabric, which is suitable for high-end consumer demand; while choosing recyclable faux fur fabric can make faux shearling fabric more sustainable.

 Faux suede (also known as synthetic/imitation suede) imitates the properties of animal skin, and it is made of polyester and spandex (elastane). In addition, through special finishing such as foil, you can get a unique look similar to faux leather, and faux suede is more cost-effective than faux leather.

DMF Free Water-Based PU Leather, also known as DMF-free waterborne PU leather is eco-friendly. The surface of the fabric is water-based resin, solvent-free, and can achieve zero DMF content, etc. It complies with REACH, RoHS, oeko tex100 and other standards.

Compared with traditional PU leather, DMF-free PU leather can reduce the energy consumption in the production process and also achieve no waste gas and water. DMF free PU also has excellent physical properties, especially hydrolysis resistance, solvent resistance, abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, etc.

EASETEX's advantage is the development and production of cost-effective faux shearling fabrics by combining the characteristics of faux fur, faux suede, faux leather, and other products.

At the same time, EASETEX's products are GRS (Global Recycle Standard) certified and can provide products that meet GRS requirements. 

Contact us today if you are interested in EASETEX's new eco-friendly fabric, we are here 24/7 to help answer your questions.


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