How to Choose the Right Faux Fur Apparel Supplier?

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Faux fur apparel has been a popular trend in the fashion world for quite some time. From classic unisex styles to bold, colorful flair, faux fur apparel is available in a variety of styles. 

If you are looking for a faux fur apparel supplier who will meet your needs for top quality beautiful faux fur fabrics, you should check out EASETEX, one of the best faux fur apparel manufacturers in China. EASETEX is a qualified manufacturer of faux fur fabrics and you can check out the products at

Tips for Choosing the Right Faux Fur Apparel Supplier

1. Professional Manufacturing Capability

Firstly, it is important for suppliers to have professional manufacturing capabilities, including knitting, dying and printing, special finishing. The production of faux fur apparel also requires different cutting, sewing and garment finishing equipment as well as processes depending on the fabric and style, including some handwork and know how .

EASETEX has been committed to the production and sale of faux fur fabrics and garments factory since 2011 and has its own production facilities for fabrics and garments, with products mainly exported to Europe and North America.

2. Innovative R & D team

The new generation of faux fur fabrics is no longer confined to the imitation of animal furs. Instead, unique products are developed using innovative materials, equipment, and processes. At the same time, fabric development is a synergistic relationship with the apparel product, both in terms of style and color, to meet the needs both of the market and of the customer for the new season.

EASETEX has a experienced R&D team that starts with the development of raw materials and is complemented by independent equipment innovation to ensure that the products are unique and innovative. We also incorporate the latest season's trend research to provide our customers with fresh and unique materials.

3. Location of the manufacturer

Because of the fluffy volume of faux fur fabric, if too much squeezing will affect the suede effect, and sometimes it is not easy to recover. Thus, on the one hand, the faux fur fabric is more expensive to transport, and on the other hand, poor packaging and transportation can cause additional waste.

At present, the production of faux fur fabrics in China is still dominant in the international textile industry chain, so it will be easy for you to find that the vast majority of faux fur apparel on the mass market is still made in China.

EASETEX is located in the Yangtze River Delta region of eastern China, close to Shanghai, a location where the textile manufacturing cluster gives the company significant access to product innovation and rapid response. The company's vertical production system provides favorable assistance in terms of product quality and cost control.

4. Quality management

Faux Fur Apparel supplier should have excellent site management and quality management systems.

EASETEX and its factories have implemented 6S management and ISO 9001 quality management systems. The factories have BSCI certificates, GRS certificates, and have passed passed the aduit by a number of famous clothing brands.

5. Excellent service

Finally, a good manufacturer of faux fur apparel should have excellent service and good communication.

EASETEX is a Manufacturing Vendor, with long experience in supplying to the European and American markets, offering personalized development and service to key customers. The MOQ is 500 pieces/style. The company's service aim is: Fast, Flexible, Focus.


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