Why is Easetex Industries one of the best woollen fabric manufacturers for your choice?

Woollen fabric manufacturer

Easetex Industries - one of the best woollen fabric manufacturers - produces a wide range of woollen fabrics that are also available for wholesale. In this article, we will talk about woollen fabric and its benefits.

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As one of the leading woollen fabric suppliers in China, Easetex Industries has been engaged in the woollen fabric industry for 20 years. Easetex Industries makes the woollen fabric all the way from woollen raw material to the finished wool boucle fabric.

Easetex Industries produces a variety of woollen fabrics such as double face woollen fabricneedle punched woollen fabricboucle fabricmelton woollen fabricwoollen tweed fabric and so on. There are many different coat weights of wool fabric styles to satisfy different customer requirements.

We are committed to providing top-quality woollen fabric and have always been guided by our corporate philosophy of environmental protection and ecological sustainability. Being one of the best woollen fabric suppliers, we manufacture high-quality needle punched woollen fabrics in stock, as below:

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wool needle punched fabric3needle punch

Due to the great popularity of woollen tweed fabrics, we have kept many different patterns and colours of wool fabrics in stock. You can expect to find from us Violet white tweedsGreen white tweedsblack white tweeds, and so on.

The wool material can be chosen from 100% wool, wool/viscose, wool/polyester, 100% polyester, 100% cotton and even multiple fiber composition. In a word, we believe that we are your best choice for woollen fabric manufacturers.

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Woollen fabric supplier

Easetex Industries provides ready-made woollen double faced fabrics for sale. Our ready-made woollen double faced fabrics series includes Woollen twill, 100% wool fabric and 50W 50 poly fabric. In addition to these double faced fabrics, we also have wool Melton wool fabrics and Flannel wool fabrics.

  • Double faced wool fabric

double faced coatdouble faced fabric

Double faced woollen fabric is known to be the typical wool fabric model for making wool coats. It feels incredibly soft to the touch and is comfortable and warm to wear. The wool fabric manufacturer maintains a ready stock of fabric in several colours like camel, navy, grey, black and white and pink.

Easetex Industries is currently selling a large number of these wool coated fabrics and has been one of the leading manufacturers of wool fabrics in China.

  • Melton wool fabric

melton wool fabric

Generally, Melton wool is a thick, stiff fabric with a fuzzy surface and is often used to make stronger, more substantial products such as coats and blankets.

Due to its dense, quasi-plush texture, Melton wool has minimal or no wear and tear. In addition to being extremely warm, it is absorbent and quite wind-resistant, which makes it the most weather-resistant of all wool fabrics.

  • Flannel wool fabric

Flannel wool fabric

Flannel fabric is a soft, medium weight, loosely woven fabric that is now commonly made of wool, cotton or polyester. It is one of the most popular fabrics for garments and blankets in the winter.

In addition, Easetex Industries is one of the leading manufacturers of Flannel wool fabrics in China. From us, you can purchase bulk orders or wool fabrics by the yard, as you wish.

How do wool manufacturers or suppliers make the woollen fabric?

There are wide variations in the diameter and length of wool fibres in the raw material. For this reason, wool manufacturers produce different sizes of wool yarns to obtain different weights of yarn and thus create various weights of wool fabrics.

The thicker yarns are used to form heavier woven or knitted wool fabrics. Such wool-coated fabrics make an ideal choice for winter jackets or sweaters.

1. Blending

During early processing, blending can be done at several points, combining wool from different bales to make sure that the resulting top, the yarn (and the final wool fabric) is as uniform and consistent as it can be in all characteristics throughout its length.

2. Scouring

Before the raw wool material is processed into yarn, it must be cleaned and flushed by the wool manufacturer to remove defects in the raw fibre, which include:

  • Dirt grass

  • Wool wax oil

  • Salt in the sweat of sheep

  • Non-wool protein materials and other skin fragments

3. Carbonising

Occasionally there may be cases where there is still more dirt in the raw material of the wool, and this is when the wool supplier must carbonize it to remove the dirty grass or pieces of skin inside.

4. Spinning/Dyeing

Wool suppliers may adopt different approaches for making woollen fabrics, such as dyeing the fibres before spinning or dyeing the yarns after spinning. Wool fabric manufacturers can even piece dye blank wool fabrics. Depending on the quality of the wool fabric, different fabric manufacturing processes are required.

5. Knitting / Weaving

Wool fabric manufacturers make wool fabrics by knitting or weaving. Knitted wool suppliers knit high quality and satisfactory fabrics on knitting machines exactly according to the customer's requirements.

Weaving, on the other hand, is a process of interlacing warp and weft yarns on a loom. If the knitted wool fabric manufacturer adds spandex to it, then the knitted wool fabric can be stretched quite well. It is widely used in the manufacture of fabrics used to make wool coats and jackets.

Best woollen fabric manufacturer and supplier in China

Ultimately, if your project requires wool fabric, Easetex Industries is the best choice for the wool fabric supplier. You can inquire with your wool fabric supplier about your fabric pattern. You can also ask your wool fabric supplier to customize your fabric to the proper quality and size of wool.

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When you are looking for ready-to-ship fabric in stock, simply reach out to your wool fabric supplier for their colour cards. In short, if you contact Easetex Industries, you are in the right hands and with the best wool manufacturer for your fabric project. We will help you get your job done with timely responses and first-class service.


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