What is sherpa fabric and how to find sherpa fabric manufacturers?

We usually see the tag "sherpa fabric", but what's that?

"Sherpa" in the field of clothing fabrics refers to lambswool, however, this "Sherpa" lambswool is not from young sheep. It is made with polyester fiber, usually nylon. The word "sherpa" comes from Sherpas in Nepal, who wore this sturdy fabric to protect themselves against harsh mountain weather. Sherpa fabric was once popular for work jackets and other items, but today it has many applications thanks to its various advantages.

EASETEX’s Sherpa Farbrics

EASETEX’s Sherpa Farbrics

Advantages of sherpa fabric

  • fine surface

  • soft feel

  • good color fixation

  • high strength

  • pilling resistance

  • excellent stretch

  • dense fibers

  • tear-resistance

  • less shrinkage rate

  • wrinkling-free

  • good abrasion resistance

  • excellent chemical resistance

  • resistant to mildew and insects

  • easier to care for than real lambswool

Applications of sherpa fabric

  • The excellent stretch makes sherpa fabric feels super comfy, hence, it is often used for the production of nightgown and pyjama trousers.

  • This fabric has a high density between fibers which makes itself strong enough to provide good coverage and hold up under cold temperatures, so it's also used for equipment like suitcases, boots and jackets.  

  • Besides, it is so sturdy it can even be used to make bags and backpacks for outdoor activities, like skiing or hiking.

  • In addition, it can resist tearing and provide great coverage against the wind, so it makes for great outerwear.

Sherpa Fabric 1

Sherpa Fabric 2

EASETEX’s Products Made of Sherpa Fabric

However, even though it can be used in many different ways, the material is still sensitive to heat. You should never wash it with hot water.But when stored correctly, sherpa fabric can last a long time.

Are you looking for a sherpa fabric supplier? If yes, I bet you are confused about where to find them and who is the best wholesaler? Even though sherpa fabric products are very common in fabric and clothing stores, many of you still have no idea where to start looking for sherpa fabric manufactures and suppliers. The reason is that many sherpa fabric wholesalers have a limited online presence, and they still prefer the traditional business mode-connecting with new customers at trade shows or through word of mouth.

Some of you are clever, searching "faux fur manufacturers" online, as sherpa fabric is a subcategory of faux fur. This action does increase the chance you find the supplier. But how can you make sure which one is the optimal choice? To be honest, I'm afraid that you fall victim to picking a sponsored ad at or near top of the search results page—it could be fake! Before making impulse purchase decisions, you must check out their reviews, contacting them directly with any questions you have about pricing and availability.

Here at Easetex, we provide hundreds of different faux fur fabrics in all shapes and sizes and in a variety of colors and textures. Also, we offer garments that are designed by experienced professionals. Since Easetex was established, we have long been providing customers with competitive prices without compromising quality. All of our products are of the highest quality and perfect styles that fill your needs.

EASETEX’s Products

EASETEX’s Products

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