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Throughout the history of mankind, wearing real fur is regarded as a sign of power and wealth and nobility. However, fur production has been condemned by many people as it involves animal cruelty. The advent of faux fur seems to be a solution to this contradiction although, faux fur, in the very beginning, was an opportunistic substitute for merchants who wanted to reduce the cost and make more profits.

Today, fake fur is no longer just a cheaper imitation of real animal fur. Today's advanced technologies give faux fur highly similar look and feel as real fur, making it impossible to distinguish the two by naked eyes. In addition, faux fur can be dyed the desired colors while real fur usually has limited color choices, mostly white, brown and black. The various colors enrich the styles, designs and applications of faux fur fabrics.

In recent years, faux fur has swept into the fashion circle. Designers are trying to create a more sophisticated aesthetic from fur, for instance, kitsch, grunge, nostalgic glamour, and punk-rock.

To get a better understanding of faux fur products, let's quickly go through its manufacturing process.

Material choosing is the first step. To produce the fiber, a variety of combinations of different polymers are used. Ploymers generally include modacrylics, acrylics,  acrylonitrile and polyester. The choice of the polymers depends on what kind of fur to resemble. To improve the look and feel of faux fur, many secondary ingredients such as wool, silk, cotton and viscose are also involved.

Then it goes to the fiber creating. Operations in this step vary due to different materials and desired results. In general, commonly, materials are mixed and treated in a large chamber to obtain thick liquid. Then, the thick liquid is converted into fibers, which are cut into the proper length and dyed with certain colors.

Subsequently, fibers are interlaced with the backing fabric to form pieces of fur fabric in appointed shapes and sizes.

Finally, the faux fur fabric is made into all kinds of products, ranging from dresses to toys, from bags to decoration accessories.

We have a collection of the rarest and most unique faux fur to choose from.

Faux Fur Products Manufacture


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