wholesale of Faux Shearling

ART. FL1029 Faux Shearling
material :100% polyester
weight: 1000g/m
width: 140cm


Established in 2003, Easetex is a professional wholesale faux fur fabric supplier and manufacturer based in Nanjing, China.

Easetex offers one-stop manufacturing solutions, from design and fabric development to garment production, through its network of fully owned vertically integrated mills.

Faux shearling is a synthetic version of tanned sheepskin and is still used primarily for winter outerwear, boots and shoes. High-quality faux shearling keeps most of the softness and warmth of real fur.

The main benefit of faux over its natural counterpart is that, as a man-made product, faux shearling can be produced thicker, warmer, softer, or specifically designed to meet the apparel designer's needs. More importantly, faux shearling is more compatible with current awareness of environmental protection and animal conservation.

Faux shearling fleeces are made of soft synthetic materials that look and feel like real shearling, but do not carry the expensive price tag and the costly need for maintenance, i.e. dry clean. Most faux sheepskin fur is 100% acrylic, meaning it is hand washable or machine washable for extra convenience.

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