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What Is Faux Shearling?

The traditional leather and fur fabric is the raw skin of animals with hair and skin, which is made of ripe skin after dozens of processes. Typical leather and fur fabrics are sheepskin, rabbit fur and fox fur, mostly sheepskin. And it is usually used in coats, boots, rugs and other products.

2022 06-16
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How to Choose Faux Fur Fabrics for Mass Market Buyers

Faux fur fabrics are no stranger to consumers, but they are still not widely used in the mass market, since the traditional faux fur products are a bit expensive and lack style variations.

2022 05-20
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Make A Responsible Shift From Animal Fur To Faux Fur Fabrics

Even though faux fur is not completely eco-friendly, it is still more sustainable than animal fur. Many textile industries are moving towards producing more sustainable faux fur alternatives. Some of these alternatives are recycled faux fur, bio-based fur, and recycled denim.

2021 12-10