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What Is Faux Shearling?

The traditional leather and fur fabric is the raw skin of animals with hair and skin, which is made of ripe skin after dozens of processes. Typical leather and fur fabrics are sheepskin, rabbit fur and fox fur, mostly sheepskin. And it is usually used in coats, boots, rugs and other products.

2022 06-16
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How to Choose Faux Fur Fabrics for Mass Market Buyers

Faux fur fabrics are no stranger to consumers, but they are still not widely used in the mass market, since the traditional faux fur products are a bit expensive and lack style variations.

2022 05-20
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How to Choose the Right Faux Fur Apparel Supplier?

Faux fur apparel has been a popular trend in the fashion world for quite some time. From classic unisex styles to bold, colorful flair, faux fur apparel is available in a variety of styles.

2022 05-20
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Why is Easetex Industries one of the best woollen fabric manufacturers for your choice?

Easetex Industries - one of the best woollen fabric manufacturers - produces a wide range of woollen fabrics that are also available for wholesale. In this article, we will talk about woollen fabric and its benefits. As one of the leading woollen fabric suppliers in China, Easetex Industries has been engaged in the woollen fabric industry for 20 years. Easetex Industries makes the woollen fabric all the way from woollen raw material to the finished wool boucle fabric.

2022 04-07
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Make A Responsible Shift From Animal Fur To Faux Fur Fabrics

Even though faux fur is not completely eco-friendly, it is still more sustainable than animal fur. Many textile industries are moving towards producing more sustainable faux fur alternatives. Some of these alternatives are recycled faux fur, bio-based fur, and recycled denim.

2021 12-10
What is sherpa fabric and how to find sherpa fabric manufacturers?

"Sherpa" in the field of clothing fabrics refers to lambswool, however, this "Sherpa" lambswool is not from young sheep. It is made with polyester fiber, usually nylon.Before buying Sherpa fabrics and making an impulse purchase decision, you must check their reviews. If you have any questions about prices and availability, please contact them directly.

2021 12-07
What is faux rabbit fur fabric and how to choose the right faux fur manufacturers?

Faux rabbit fur is made from synthetic fibers.The appropriate artificial fur manufacturer can be selected from the aspects of production capacity, production location, minimum order quantity (MOQ), and product samples.

2021 12-03
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Faux fur trend in the coming future

Many people is looking for nice outerwear, preparing for the coming winter. The Fur coat is no doubt an excellent choice that shields you against the cold. What do you think when you touch a real fur coat? Can you see the tear and blood of animals?

2021 11-11
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What is Faux Fur vs Real Fur?

What is Faux Fur?Faux fur is a noble material, warm and durable. It's also called Fake or Imitation Fur or Pile Fabric. The insulative property of pile fabrics is grounded upon the principle of air spaces entangled between fibres. But the fibres, which are generally acrylic, modacrylic, or a combin

2021 11-11
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Faux Fur Products Manufacture

Throughout the history of mankind, wearing real fur is regarded as a sign of power and wealth and nobility. However, fur production has been condemned by many people as it involves animal cruelty. The advent of faux fur seems to be a solution to this contradiction although, faux fur, in the very beg

2021 11-04
What is needle punching felting fabric?

The traditional felting farbric is often found in worsted woolen fabrics. The felting farbric is made of wool fibers through wet felting with water and agitation. In the wet felting process, the wool fiber, with its feltability, will grab the adjacent fibers and interlock together when absorbing the

2021 08-12
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3 reasons to choose polyester faux fur instead of acrylic one

When we talk about faux fur fabric, acrylic/polyester blends may quickly spring to your mind. Even if you google "faux fur," you will have similar information. But things have been changed; polyester faux fur is now a better substitute for traditional acrylic/polyester blended one.Before we list why

2021 07-22
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How can companies source sustainable faux fur fabric?

What are sustainable textiles?Sustainable textiles (also known as eco-textiles and eco-fashion) means that all materials and processes, such as inputs and outputs, are healthy and safe for humans and the environment. All the energy, material, and material process inputs come from renewable or recycl

2021 07-20
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Vegan Fashion: Can we label Faux Fur as "Vegan fur"?

What is Vegan fur?Vegan fashion (also know as cruelty-free fashion or animal-friendly fashion) coming from veganism. As a lifestyle and philosophy, it becomes more and more popular in recent years. We believe after the pandemic of covid-19, it will be growing faster. According to the definition of P

2021 07-30
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All you want to know about faux fur in one page

What is faux fur?Faux fur is also named fake fur, imitation fur, artificial fur, plush, produced by natural or synthetic fiber. According to the fabric weaving method,faux fur can be divided into weaving faux fur, knitting faux fur, flocking faux fur, and tufting faux fur. Knitting faux fur includes

2021 07-08
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