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China Acrylic Faux Fur Fabric Supplier

Material: 50% recycled polyester, 34% acrylic, 16% MAC
  • ART.FL1390

Established in 2003, Easetex is a leading wholesale faux fur fabric supplier and manufacturer based in Nanjing, China. Easetex offers one-stop manufacturing solutions, from design and fabric development to garment production, through its network of fully owned vertically integrated mills.

Acrylic has been used to produce faux fur for more than half a century. As a circular knitted fabric, we normally use acrylic or modacrylic as pile and polyester as ground. So, the fabric composition is around 80% acrylic/modacrylic, and 20% polyester.

Due to the combined properties of the fibres' cross-sectional shape, glossiness, fineness and length as well as the type of fibre, modacrylic fibre (also named modified acrylic) are the best polymers that can reach the real look real feel of faux fur. The percentage of acrylic and modacrylic differs from the item. But modacrylic is always more expensive than acrylic material.